ocˇcult: adj. 1. Of,or relating to supernatural phenomena. 2. Beyond the realm of human comprehension 3. Available only to the initiate 4. Hidden
trix: suffix 1. A female connected to a specified thing 2. A geometric point, line, or surface


Mission Statement

Occultrix is a developing community for people with interest in the "Occult" meaning, the study of the art and science of hidden or uncommon knowledge. That includes, but is not limited to witches, shamans, paranormal investigators, tarot consultants, psychics, astrologers, gnostics, yogis and mystics. With many different points of view, Occultrix is a tolerant community, encouraging discussion and healthy skeptical analysis, challenging our ideas with respect and insight, emphasising interdependent and personal education and evolution.








  • TAROTRIX A journal of tarot readings.

  • Visit the Humour page, featuring "Danger! Mages in Training" by member, Greg Cartwright.
  • FREE READING DRAWS on the Saturday Spread page.
  • Read the Occultrix Magazine for interesting articles, spells, rituals, theories and commentary.
  • Please check out the Forum
  • To contribute to the Occultrix Magazine please register here.

 Still Under Construction!

As it is painfully apparent, I am still trying to carve this website out in cyberspace. Thank you for your patience during this process. Please check back regularly to see the progress and consider becoming a member for updates that can be sent to your email. 


Please register here to become a member of Occultrix. Membership is free and has it's advantages. With a membership you can take part in:

  • The Forum - Come and say hello and discuss your favourite topics.
  • Magazine - Esoteric insights and paranormal perspectives. Members can post their articles, essays spells, rituals and opinion pieces here. All entries are tagged..
  • Gallery - Post your artwork and photos!
  • Free Tarot Readings! - On Saturday I'll draw a question from members' submissions. Fill out the application after you register for your chance
  • An online market is coming to Occultrix. Members will get discounts and the opportunity to have a page in the store online catalogue. 





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