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Willed Magickal Dwelling

Posted by occultrix on October 31, 2009 at 1:23 PM

Willed Magickal Dwelling - A Series on Domestic Magick


Part One: The Hearth - Kitchen


First, our magickal environment is developed from attention to the body and mind, interdependently. The mind sets the stage for the manifestation of the body.The body's development reinforces the mind's conviction. These are the two principles of thought and action in magick, being aligned for a mutual purpose. This is what creates the momentum of any working. By applying thoughts to actions we can infuse our environment with our magickal intent. Feng Shui uses the art of placement to create a similar effect. I would like to make a few suggestions for the use of placement with, ritual and spell-work for creating an environment that is nurturing your will. Breaking down the anatomy of our home we can use the different areas to represent the various aspects of our lives. The Kitchen is the area of growth and wealth, for example. In each of the rooms, or areas, in my home I set up a shrine that corresponds with various areas of my life. I break down my home like this and the series will correspond.:

  1. Part One - Hearth/Kitchen: wealth, growth, self-care, close friends and family
  2. Part Two - Living Room: social networking, community, intellect, communication
  3. Part Three - Bedrooms: aspirations, self-love, intimate relationships, drive
  4. Part Four - Bathrooms: self-reflection, purification
  5. Part Five - Home Office/ Study: business and education
  6. Part Six  - Closets and Storage areas: subconscious and fears

This is not a scientific model. You may find that this doesn't work for you. Not everyone has a study or separate bedroom,or sometimes, there no kitchen and just a hotplate or microwave. This is why defining a particular area with a shrine to that aspect of our lives in an area that is conducive to the qualities we are trying to develop, is so important. At first, you may find that you need to fine tune aspects of your shrine. Hone it until it works right for you. I will give some explanations and examples in the next section. For now, we will concentrate on defining our space and our needs. Make a list if you need to. I like to make charts in my journal to help me keep track. If you have a smaller space, it may be practical to have just one or two shrines or dedicated spaces. These need not be large or elaborate spaces, but they should be significant enough to imprint on you everyday. A small, visible shelf or surface should be cleared and purified for dedication. You could use blessed water and witch hazel or vinegar to clean the area. Even lemons work well. Of course, it would depend on the surface material as well. Please use common sense and good safety practices when setting up a shrine. I would not recommend setting one up directly on a microwave, for example.



The Kitchen-Hearth

A kitchen might represent another area of your life, but wealth and growth makes sense to me I will explain: This is where the Hearth is, or a close modern day representation of such, an oven/stove. The hearth was traditionally the floor of the fireplace. This area should be represented by stone, as in a hearthstone, and fire. There are a number of symbols that one can use to signify these such as an. Also, the Hearth is associated with a few goddesses. Hestia, Vesta, to some degree Brighid. Even the fairy tale of Cinderella use the hearth symbolism. It represents light, heat and food, shelter, well-being, and family - the very necessities of a healthy existence. This is one of the shrines that can have all household members contribute to it. This shrine is the very foundation of our magickal environment. If you had to have only one shrine, this is the one area I would recommend having a shrine in above all else. It is the area that touches all the others.


Some ideas for setting up a shrine in the kitchen-hearth area are:


Fire: Using the symbolism of the stone and fire, set a dish of grounding stones on the shelf next to a votive candle and a censor. I like to use a mini cauldron I was lucky enough to have procured one day on the East Coast. The cast iron adds an element of strength to this area of my life. Besides, it is adorable. I find it is more effective to use charcoal incense burners for a more "hearth-like" feel.

Stones: These should correspond to the intention and area as well. I use a pink salt rock crystal candle holder. Salt has purifying qualities and that is part of what I require, and also the wealth correspondence. A regular terracotta brick works well, in fact. Write spells and tuck them in the holes in the brick. Also, terracotta holds oils very well and infusing brick with pleasant aromas are very mentally stimulating. I recommend citrus scents for this.

Incense: Keep a few jars of loose herbs and incense for using in your censor. Make certain these are the kinds of herbs that will enhance your will and are attuned to that area's designation. In the kitchen, I use rosemary, clove, sandalwood, sage and citrus scents in an potpourri. These scents invoke feelings of warmth, alertness, comfort, cleanliness and security.

Offerings: Keep a small, pleasing dish for small food offerings. You can offer generally to the spirit beings in the home and embodiments of the hearth, of growth, wealth and family. Or you could offer to an appropriate deity of the kitchen and hearth. Certain deities prefer certain food. Although, I find the more benevolent beings are not as fussy and will graciously accept acts of goodwill as sustenance. The point of doing this is not as an act of worship, but as simple hospitality. Creating harmony with the embodiments of "energy" in the in one's home will create harmony throughout the home. Tip: Do not let offerings sit in the dish till they grow fungus. This is considered bad form, if nothing else.

Deities: I am going to note a few different Hearth-related deities. Do follow up with more thorough research if you are interested in forming a relationship with one of these beings. I recommend doing an introduction ritual before adopting. I am giving examples of deities that I have worked with before with Hearth Magick. There are many more examples in this article pagan-wiccan-practice.suite101.com

  • Zao Jun: The Chinese Kitchen God. His name means "stove spirit". Through a torrid tale of romance, desire and betrayal Zao Jun ends up throwing himself into a his true love's stove. She sets up a shrine to him. Every Chinese New Year an image of Zao Jun is burned with some coins for travelling money. Zao Jun presides over the home and family life, reporting the family's doing to the Jade Emperor.Don't worry though, Zao Jun can be bribed with some honey and a beer. Tip: If you choose to work with this deity and you live in an apartment, make sure to just use a small paper image for easy annual burnings. If you prefer to have a statue, this would be the day you would clean the image. For more information please visit:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kitchen_God ; www.china.org ; www.indopedia.com
  • Hestia/Vesta: These Greek and Roman goddesses, respectively, are virgin goddess of the hearth. These two are generally the most recognizable in western traditions as hearth goddesses.
  • Athena: Another virgin goddess, but relevant to the hearth as she resides over weaving. Think of the saying "tightly-knit family" with this association. Athena will help build stronger, closer relationships. She is also a wisdom goddess. There are many good sources of information on Athena. I have worked with her many times and I find Athena very responsive, beneficial and fair.
  • Frigg: A Norse goddess who is married to Odin. She is a master weaver and weaves the threads of the world. In this way she controls fate or destiny. She keeps a tight lip and thank goodness because she knows all your secrets! She offers the family protection, especially children and women. She is strongly associated with women controlling their own fate and destiny. Very empowering.

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