ocˇcult: adj. 1. Of,or relating to supernatural phenomena. 2. Beyond the realm of human comprehension 3. Available only to the initiate 4. Hidden
trix: suffix 1. A female connected to a specified thing 2. A geometric point, line, or surface

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david ogola okwako
31 years old

31 years old

38 years old
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36 years old
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25 years old
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28 years old
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35 years old

28 years old
About Me

I was waiting for a wrong person... I warmed someone else...all I have now are online writing jobs

Earlene Elkin
30 years old
About Me

I met someone that irate me. He likes the sunset that much that make me want to buy it from a girl in Africa just to make him go away. But it is an an option since it is not available said the girl who own it. Hahaha...My essay writing that you can laugh about.

About Me

J'aime être avec mes amis. haha ils sont tellement fou. nous sommes entrés dans jouer casino sans argent à tous. si drôle que nous avons gagné.

Donna Wilson
About Me

Hi i'm Donna Wilson i'm a single mom from Iowa i have a fulltime job and also have created a parenting website online for single moms like me. xx

About Me

I am a Jedi Consular(if the game allows the different classes of Jedi) who longs to defeat the users dark side of the force.

It is my greatest Honor to join with you all in this fight against the Sith, May the Force be with us all was we Conquer the order of the Sith.

PLease everyone, if you have anyquestions, please e-mail me at

[email protected]

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Traditional mixed

About Me

Hello! I'm a freelance writer with a bachelor's degree in psychology and a master's degree in theology. I'm interested in ancient religion, paranormal phenomena, and occult knowledge. I read taror cards and interpret dreams.


Learning the value of individuality, knowing our purpose in life, really employing our calling, and caring for oneself and others bring us real happiness and unleash our psychic potential. Much of the beauty of existence goes unnoticed. We ignore untapped energy. We should value and seek knowledge and employ our creative nature.


We live in a materialistic society dominated by commercial interests, and it is hard to develop our true individuality, and express ourselves fully. But various meditations and psychic practices enlighten us and center us in the creative universe. I'm delighted to be a member of Occultrix and look forward to our correspondence.


Please feel welcome to visit the Tarot Forum and participate in forum discussions at www.tarotforum.webs.com.  You'll find interesting reading and exercises to promote free thought and self-realization. Our purpose is to build a friendly commmunity of gifted persons. -- Stephen Contrado, B.A., Th.M.


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psychic adviser

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I draw my inspiration from the natural and the supernatural.

28 years old
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[email protected]
About Me

The student who is still learning...

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39 years old

68 years old
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Pagan, Libertarian/Libertine, Celto-Cherokee.

56 years old
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